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Great topic -- and thanks to everyone who submitted on the day before a long weekend, caught in the preparations for Memorial Day cookouts etc.

BUTLER:  You do realize, Mark, my patriotically near-sighted friend, that almost 50% of our submissions come from outside the United States so the long weekend comment does not apply in many cases. 

Sorry.  I guess I was mostly thinking of myself since I've been running around like crazy trying to take care of many things and the Memorial Weekend seemed to overwhelm me.

BAGMAN:  "Everything overwhelms you, Dude!"

Anyhow, what I liked most about our "Handmade" theme was how so many people personalized it -- showing the artists and crafters as well as their work.

And Ann who gave us step-by-step instructions on how to make Yo-Yo disks.

At this point, I almost thought I might try it!
"I can cut paper," I said to myself.
Then she mentioned "gathers" and I became lost.

Queenmother showed us the artists along with their work.
Susan Christensen's bicycles

JarieLyn gave us this artist
There were many shots of him working, and his work
but I liked the concentration on his face.

Yes, I think garden's qualify as handmade wonders!

Dawn Treader introduced us to the wonderful woodcarvings
Uno Axelsson who did 250 carvings between the ages of 52 and 80.
(There's hope for us old farts yet!)

And thanks for the votes to include my own submission in the spotlight.  But I think I'll pass this time around.  

Next week's theme is "Applying the rule of space in your photo."  

"To infinity and beyond!"   Buzz Lightyear.

BUTLER: "Not that kind of space, Mark.  You've been watching Toy Story movies too much."

"You are right," I respond. "I'm sure that we will all get approach this subject with gravity."


  1. these are all simply wonderful.

  2. I have watched toy story and all its sequils (? sp)... bought for the grandkids but I like it more so I keep it at my house and when Camillo is traveling - I watch it over and over....

  3. Great selections. I also enjoyed seeing the artist as well as the art. Makes the photos more personable. Nice job, everyone :)


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