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I  do have a basic belief in Democracy despite my sense that American politics turns it into a circus.  Therefore, since a motion was made by Scriptor and seemed to have support from others, I will spotlight my bike shot.  Thanks for the support.

Of course, I did not actually take this picture so the spotlight is really on my wife, Karen.

Although I am not a strong follower of horse racing, this was the Kentucky Derby weekend and our resident Queenmother from the Bluegrass State did a great job with it.

Ginger's tour of the subway in Rio was both highly informative and also provided some beautiful underground vistas...

BAGMAN: "Underground vistas!  Phooey!  I don't care if they are more technically beautiful photographs!  I'm posting my favorite and you and Butler can't stop me!"

 Looks like I'm outvoted again.  

Anyhow -- trying to regain some control -- speaking of subways, Loredana gave us a great tour of her commute to New York City and...

BUTLER:  "If Bagman gets a choice, than so do I!  It's only fair.  And I think it is only appropriate to show a king walking.  At least, unlike Bagman's choice, he is formally dressed."

I seem to have lost all authority in my spotlight picks this week.   But I grit my teeth, protect my mouse and keyboard against further intrusion and quickly post two more...

(They look like a life-size pinball machine!)

Tracks that once supported Lincoln have to be spotlighted!

Next week we have Silhouettes!  So look toward the sun (carefully) and fire away!



  1. Mark you must be quite impressed with this old lady's photos. Thanks for spotlighting mine again. I am probably the most improved point and shooter in the group thanks to all of you. You know looking forward to Friday Shoot Out helps me keep me oriented to the person, place and present. LOL

  2. If I'd known a vote was being taken I would have voted that you post your photo also. Bagman would love the Rio Beaches - he has to visit during summer break though - Dec - feb. in order to get photos of the College girls on the beach - Of course Karen can come to suppervise & enjoy it too - cause the college boys are out in full - shinny, tanned muscels / small speedo type trunks - oh sorry got carried away....

  3. Excellent choice of photos for the spotlight! Thank you for spotlighting a link to my exciting commuting adventure from my small town to the big city. :) Love this site and the interaction and support between hosts and participants xo

  4. Thanks for spotlighting my tracks! Abe says, "Thanks! I haven't ridden on those in nearly eight score."


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