Tutorial: The Rule of Space

I know how much we all love rules. ;) 
But by understanding photography rules 
you will improve your photo composition. 
And once you master the rules 
you'll know when to break them and why. 
(I think our group loves breaking the rules.)

When you take a photo of a person or animal, 
(and even inanimate moving objects,)
The Rule of Space says that you will create a more pleasing image 
by giving the subject space in which to move. 

A red ridinghood passing through the park brings a bright spot to the scene.

Above: Allowing space into which  the woman can walk.

It all begins with taking note 
of the direction the subject is facing 
and putting space in front to the subject.

Above: Allowing space into which the bird can fly.

Above: Allowing space into which the eyes gaze.

Above: Allowing space into which the boat can sail.

Here is another tutorial on the topic
and suggestions on when to break the rule if you really feel you must!

Can you think of another rule that we have discussed that 
would help you achieve The Rule of Space?

The Rule of Space is one of our prompts in June.


  1. thanks for the info, this is new to me, i have done it but never heard of the rule of space. i like all of these and will start paying more attention to this rule.

  2. This makes sense and goes along with the rule of thirds. Thanks!

  3. Rebecca- This is such great information. The examples you show illustrate it perfectly! I am learning a lot here AND having fun...you guys should teach kids - they would suddenly start loving school :)


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