Spotlight Flickering -- Needs Help

I have some good news and I have some bad news.

BAGMAN (sarcastically):  "Very original."

The good news is that just when we were giving up and taking our house off the market, it sold.
The bad news is that having sold our house, we have to move.   We are assuming (i.e. hoping desparately) that our new house will be ready by then. 

In any case, from now until then, I expect to be packing, yard sale-ing things we don't want or can't fit in the new house which is a bit smaller, packing, throwing out junk, trying to figure out whether something is junk or not (you never know when you'll need a third back-up pipe wrench)...

BUTLER: "Mark!  Stop!"
"What?"  I reply, stopping.

BUTLER: "You're writing your own blog on the Friday Shootout site."

"I am?"

BUTLER: "Yes.  Remember that you were just going to ask for help."

He's right.  The point of this post (I digress too much to get to point easily) is that I doubt I am going to be able to do the Spotlight Photos for a couple of months.  I even missed the Friday Shootout, itself, for the first time since last December. 

BAGMAN: "Don't forget to mention that we volunteered to do it for you!!"

"Yes, Baggie," I reply.  "But you and Butler don't actually have fingers and mine are going to be busy packing.  (And trying to figure out which of the 8 different nail clippers to throw away)."

I am so sorry to have to ask if someone else can take over for, at least until the middle of July.  I've been so excited to see the Shootout growing and attracting new people and to watch talent blooming and...

BUTLER: "And the Friday Shootout, like the rest of the human race will get along perfectly well without you."

"Thanks, Butler, for the humility reminder,"  I reply with a poor attempt at modesty.


Anyhow, I'm sorry to back out for awhile but a thousand cardboard boxes call me.  I look forward to posting occasionally and keeping up with FMHSO whenever I can.  And I know I have everyone's support and I love you all.   I'll see you when I can.


  1. Well I was wondering what happened to B&B. Congrats on the house sale.


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