Spotlight Photos - Interiors

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more."
                                                        William Shakespeare

With a deep breath and copious amounts of false bravado, I enter the B&B Studio to choose this week's spotlight photos.

BAGMAN (noticing the stress in my eyes): "You take this thing way too seriously, Dude.  The FMTHSO is your family.   They will be happy with whatever pictures you spotlight.  You could put on a blindfold and chose the spotlight photos like pinning a tail on a donkey and everyone will be happy.  It's not like you're Len Goodman on "Dancing With the Stars".

BUTLER (looking up from a pile of statistical spreadsheets):  "We had 15 participants this week!  That's 10.429% above our year-to-date average of 13.583 participants per week."

BAGMAN: "Is there going to be a quiz?"  

BUTLER (ignoring him): "And we also have another new participant - Marina and her Primo Piano!"

I take another deep breath and make a snap decision.  "Why don't you guys handle it this week and I'll go back to bed."   I close the door behind me. 

BAGMAN (shouting from behind the door):  "Okay!  We just will!  We don't need you anyhow!"

BUTLER (quietly to Bagman):  "Actually, we do, my Baggish friend.  We're part of his psyche, remember?"  

BAGMAN:  "And I'm the best part!  I'm the Ego.  And we'll have fun fun fun 'til our Daddy takes the T-Bird away!"

BUTLER: "Actually, according to Freud, you are the Id..."

BAGMAN: "Go suck an egg!"

BUTLER: " in IDiot."

BAGMAN: (posting a picture):  "A little less talk and a lot more action..."

Terri's Mesa Verde Shot

BUTLER: "That's an Exterior!"

BAGMAN: "It's a batch manmade interiors inside a natural interior!  It's a perfect win-win."

BUTLER: (posting another picture):  "My turn!"

redana's Blue Door

BUTLER: "Simple, orderly, rule of thirds, rule of space -- my kind of photo."

BAGMAN (posting):  "Hmmmph."

BAGMAN: "Now this has energy and mystery...all those books...and a figure in the background.  I like the adult section, myself.  And I've always been attracted to librarians."

Marina's chairs

BUTLER: "I wanted to welcome Marina and thank her for posting to FMTHSO.  Besides, I like the geometric patterns and they way one flows into the other like one of M. C. Escher's prints.

Bagman posts his next choice:

Ann's Church

BUTLER:  "A church?  You surprise me, Mr. Bagman, with your choice of a church."

BAGMAN:  "Passion, Butthead!  Passion!  Ecstasy!  There's nothing dull or boring about spirituality!  Spirituality can get your blood flowing faster than sexuality.  Although I do admit that I'm intrigued with nuns.

While Bagman is talking, he steals Butler's last turn and posts his own instead:

Bobbie's School

BUTLER: "HEY!  That was my turn!!!  

BAGMAN: "You snooze, you lose."

BUTLER:  "Besides, I love the shot too but you can't post it because... (Butler checks his statistical sheets) ...because we spotlighted Bobbie last week!"

BAGMAN:  "Who says you can't spotlight someone two weeks in a row!?"

BUTLER:  "Well, we don't really have a rule about that but Mark has usually tried to avoid in order to spread things around."

BAGMAN: "Well, Mark's not here, is he?  So there!"

BUTLER: "Hmmm.  Maybe I'll write a rule for the future."

BAGMAN: "You do that, you wimp.  I'm off to spend the afternoon at the library." 


  1. Hey Mark, don't stress :) You always do a great job choosing the photos, an you're fair, giving everyone equal opportunity :) This is a very friendly and informative site. No wonder submissions are increasing. Keep up the great work! Thanks for spotlighting my blue door. Loved everyone's photos this week :)

  2. Whoever chose them this week, good choices.

  3. finally made it by everyone's posts for the week. I like your choices. the chair's and the 'schools out' photos are wonderful


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