Spotlight Photos - Rule of Spate

This week the planets alligned and the Rule of Space blasted us forth with a galaxy of talent!

BUTLER:  "Before you continue, Mark, maybe you want to tone down all the space puns that are running through your head."

Well, okay.  But we did  get 19 linked blogs include one person, who if I'm not mistaken, has gravitated into our orbit for the first time.

BUTLER (pointing a warning finger): "Mark!"

What I appreciated most was how the variety of shots gave me so much more insight into the Rule of Space.   I had always simple-mindedly seen it as a flat, 2-dimensional, left to right kind of thing.  For some reason, I never thought of it as up and down, or in and out.   Or that things could be moving out of the space as well as into it.   Or that there could be several "spaces" in one picture.

Take Pauline's "People in the Field" shot, for instance -- the Rule of Space was demonstrated in at least five different ways.

BUTLER: "Wait a minute!  I'm looking at your plan for this blog and you are going to break your "Rule of Six" and post seven pictures!

Butler is right, of course.  But I decided I could get away with it if I defaced Pauline's picture and pretended to use it as an example.   That way it wouldn't actually count toward the six limit.  To see the original without the ugly yellow lines, you can go to Pauline's blog

So now, pretending that the picture above doesn't count as a spotlight...

Welcome, Bobbie!
Focusing on the lollypop and creating
a tension about who is going to enter this space
and pick it up!

Scriptor's In-coming Car
I hope he got out of the way in time!

Cheryl's Outgoing Blue Heron
I've always cropped birds flying into space.
Thanks for helping me rethink that!

Accentuating the space with raindrops!

Suzy's Lake Scene
Serene Space - time stops - Ahhhh

And Jama's wonderful boat
I really loved this one...
Probably because this was fit my original interpretation.

Okay - next week's theme is "Interiors."    I can't wait to see what we all come up with.   At least we won't have to worry about the weather. 


  1. I really enjoyed all the photos this week, good sample. Jama's is so great because the boat is tethered, pulling it tight, trying to move out into the space beyond.

  2. I enjoyed this theme and all the pictures are awesome.

  3. I love Suzi's lake scene. It is so beautiful.

  4. Thanks for the welcome. What a hospitable linky! The photography and challenge last week has been inspiring :)

  5. How about 'symbols' 'symbolism' such as sharp as a 'tack' 'stiff' as a board' for a theme? Small items but could make for some creativity and use of our newly learned rules of photos.


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