Tutorial: Complementary Colors

Complementary Colors are found on opposite sides of the color wheel
as shown below. 

When placed next to each other, 
complementary colors make each other appear brighter 
by creating maximum contrast.

In art and graphic design, 
using two complementary colors together
is said to create a more aesthetically pleasing image. 

Keep your eyes alert for scenes that contain two opposite colors on the color wheel. 
Our upcoming July 27 theme is for 
photos containing two complementary colors. 

We will be looking for photos that are predominately 
Blue and Orange, 
Yellow and Violet, 
or Red and Green 
and so on...

Get close to exclude other colors from interfering with your image.


  1. photos is AWESOME and thanks for the tutorial... i kept the color wheel.

  2. Guess I will be carrying my color wheel around with me.

  3. Great tutorial, Rebecca! Thanks for the color wheel :)


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