Friday My Town Shoot Out for 7/20: Public Art

Fountain at Logan Circle in Philadelphia 

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Thanks to Peggy, Ginger and Pauline who have volunteered to helped fill in for Mark
while he is tackling his move.  We are all volunteers at FMTSO and will approach
each task differently.  Please be open to each person's style.
I am so thankful Peggy jumped in at the last minute to do spotlights last week.
That's what makes this group so nice - we all pitch in a little.


  1. Ohh this is lovely! Did you use a tripod for this? Whatever you did it works for me.

  2. All I want to do is learn photography and this is the place. Thanks for your work. This is beautiful

  3. Oh, my Lord, what a photo! Love it.

  4. Beautiful night shot, Rebecca! I love the fountain. Thanks for the theme, an artistic and fun one :)

  5. Great shot Rebecca and thanks for the reminder about this being the place to help each other out. This is a great group and I am fond of everyone in it.


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