Monday Spotlight Photos for 6/29.FSMT

Well for a few days there I thought there was only going to be six entries and that would make it easier for me to choose the spotlight photos.
But I had to be gone from early morning and just now seeing a couple for the first time.

There are a lot of good shooters in this group.

Not as easy as I thought it would be.
You will recognize a motherly instinct in my selections.

Could not resist this shot by Pauline.
Have seen my little boys and girls in this situation many time.
The fish are so clear.
And you can definitely see the wonderment in their faces.

 Could not resist the colors in Rebecca's shot.
This is my favorite color and fences are one of my favorite things to paint.

I am assuming this is a salesclerk in a men's store shot by JAMA and wondering how he has kept his job.

 Again my motherly instinct was tugged here by Shiju's photo.
Not only is she trying to protect him with the umbrella but with her skirt as well.

There were two shots of this by Kim. One with the couple facing the falls and this one.
In the first one I could not tell if they were happy or not but this view shows friendly faces and smiles and great scenery.

A momma duck and her little ones and the colors of the momma are beautiful.
Concern written all over her face.
Nice shot by GingerV

 Always room for one more.
I could not tell for sure what story was intended here but I saw fun, fun, fun as shot by Ann.

Yes I know there are 7 but Rebecca does not really count since her's is professional.

Enjoy preparing for next week's patriotic theme.



  1. Thanks Peggy! Great selections. I LOVE Pauline's shot too. It is such a classic childhood photo.

  2. Thanks for choosing my photo again! I do appreciate it. ^_^

  3. Since I am hooked up Rebecca I can do next week if needed. Just let me know.

  4. Love this blog. The pix are so good. Thanks everyone for sharing. - Karen


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