Spotlight photos for bright color

Just a little miscommunication on the spotlight post.

There are indeed some great shots again this week.
I have learned how to select them.
What hits me with a certain feeling.

 Suzi's saris remind me of India which I am in love with.

Dawn Trader's reflection has more sky and clouds than the real thing.
A great shot.

Jama's bright building I would love to see inside.

Pauline's Children's Library. I bet the children love that place.

Leovi's The abstract street of dreams endless.

Absolutely beautiful Barbara's colored rocks.

Join us again next week for 
Sculpture, statues, mural.


  1. I'd love to claim those coloured rocks but I think they were Barbara's.
    I'll do the Spotlight photos this week if you like, Rebecca.

  2. Oh my gosh. These are all beautiful. Each of them hold something special. I could not choose.

  3. okay second try.... I am now back in N Friburgo and the computer jock just left so I am back online. I will try to post this week (have a plan) and I can do spotlight photos next week - (July 27)

  4. Thanks Peggy, I didn't get a chance to pay visits last week. It is nice to get a snapshot of what I missed. I love seeing Jama's amazing building here. Wow, that is a lot of color.


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