The Color Wheel - Spotlight Photos
I had forgotten how difficult it is to choose a few photos from so many really nice posts. 

To Me this was a difficult challenge - I guess it has to be a little difficult in order to be classified as a challenge.  But to set out to find certain color combination out on the streets of our towns or to even search through our archives - archives that haven't been tagged in a certain way - is very difficult. 

A few of you made it easy for me to make choices by posting only one special photo (Thanks Marina) and a few of you made it harder by posting a series of great photos (example: Pauline and DawnTreader and as always Jama)
Here are a few of my favorites from this weeks challenge -
The Tulip by Marina

Yellow and Purple by Jama

Barbar's Train

and last but not least
the softness of colors in the OutDoor Museum by DawnTreader

And Next Friday : Bridges of ________.


  1. I pulled 10 favorites but posted only 4 because participation was low this week. Tell a friend about bridges - lets double our numbers this week.

  2. Love the train!! I am away and have limited internet for the next couple weeks. Will catch up when I am back!

  3. that Tulips is extraordinary and so is the photo.


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