Tutorial: Photographing Children

In August we have an upcoming theme of Children, 
so here are some general tips for photographing kiddos.

Get on their level!
Your photos will improve dramatically if you photograph 
children at their level 
rather than the standard adult looking down on the child. 

No Posing. 
Rather than trying to get posed shots,
let the kids play
and capture WHO they are
not just what they look like.

Continuous Shooting.
Children are active. 
Set you camera to the Continuous shoot option and 
capture a series of shots of them at play.  

Play Simon Says.
Simon can suggest actions 
or facial expressions that are fun. 
And when someone goofs, 
the reactions are fun too. 

Give them Something to Do...then SHOOT!
Blow bubbles
Coloring in books 
Eating an ice cream cone 
Playing ball
With a Pet
On a swing 
Giving hugs.