Favorite Vacations – Spotlight Photos

What a great My Town Friday Shoot-out.  This week’s participants really outdid themselves.  Everyone had more than one photo making my job extra hard.  First to choose just one from each then to try and post 5 or six of those.  We seemed to have an equal division of Foreign Lands, Home Country and Family spots.  Camillo just rolled his eyes back into his head as I talked about the cool places I’d like add to our vacation list. 

I gave up trying to be impartial –  I hope you enjoy the slideshow featuring one photo from each of us….

I am already looking forward to next week’s  My Town in Black and White. 

If you missed Rebecca’s tutorial backtrack back to Tutorial- Shallow Depth of Field and read all the way through from start to finish, I am sure you will find a few gems of information that will help improve you photography….. I know I did.   I think I need a new camera. (Camillo are you listening?)


  1. Oh I just loved viewing the slide show...what a great way to enjoy all the entries!!!

  2. Topic suggestions: Introduce your best friend, aT rest, at play, or inbetween. Also, we should have an 'Introduce FSO to a pen pal..." week. Bring in new towns, new countries, and new ideas.

  3. Great shots everyone! I can't imagine how difficult it was to cull through the entire group. Blessings on you Peggy.

  4. Great idea to post a slideshow of everyone's photos! Nice variety of beautiful places :)


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