Friday My Town Shoot Out for 8/3: Bridges

This week we are sharing the Bridges of ______________ County/Parish/Township

For me it is The Bridges of Philadelphia County...
fill in the blank and share your photos.

Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia, PA 

I am away and have limited internet.
This week and next week are auto posted -
hopefully linky will show up.
Otherwise, please leave your link in the comments.


  1. A beautiful photo, great lights and colors. Spectacular view of the bridge.

  2. Very impressive bridge-photo!
    Mr Linky seems not to be up yet and I'll be busy tomorrow, so I'll put my link here: Bridges of Fairyland

  3. Linky's still not up yet, here's my entry:

  4. Hi Rebecca, so you went away too? Did you have a great time?

  5. That is a beautiful bridge and a great shot. Nothing like that in my county. Link not up find me by clicking on my name above.

  6. sorry for the delay - I left my external drive with archives in Friburgo and I kept hoping for something wonderful to pop out in the here in now.


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