Spotlight photos for August 6th

The bridges of ...........
was the theme for this week's
Friday Shoot My Town.

Dawntrader's Nachen the neck, the Nix
a taste of faery land.

 This angle of Kim's bridge makes a very pleasing and balanced presentation.

 I like this because the bridge is visible but the unique focus on the trees gives it an otherworldly look.

Jama's view of the walking bridge points out the uniqueness of this bridge in Singapore.
I like the idea of a place to cross to the other side of the water and the idea of being able to view all that is going on in the area. 
The world's first double helix bridge.

Both of her shots of this bridge are quite interesting.
Would love to visit this.

GingerV's bright colorful and a little different take.
A ferry does BRIDGE the gap between land and island.

An amazing photo from Primo of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
The kind I don't care to travel on.
One similar to this in St. Pete's Florida.

Showing my representation of rural bridges
even though this one was updated for display only.

Enjoy the world of photography and join us next week for



  1. Hi
    Thanks for visiting My Cozy Corner.
    I love the beautiful photos. Yes, the world of photography is truly amazing. Tea will be ready soon...

  2. Super shots. I loved Jama's night-time shot, Kim's is excellent anmd I like Ginger's clever ake on the theme but Rebecca's own shot is out of this world.

    Hopefully,Í'll be back 'Fridaying' soon.


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