Spotlight photos for Children

Spotlight Photos for August 10th -theme- Children

How can one select a photo of a child over another.

Here are some guidelines given to us by Rebecca.

Get on their level!
Your photos will improve dramatically if you photograph 
children at their level 
rather than the standard adult looking down on the child. 
No Posing. 
Rather than trying to get posed shots,
let the kids play
and capture WHO they are
not just what they look like.

Continuous Shooting.
Children are active. 
Set you camera to the Continuous shoot option and 
capture a series of shots of them at play.  
Play Simon Says.
Simon can suggest actions 
or facial expressions that are fun. 
And when someone goofs, 
the reactions are fun too.

Give them Something to Do...then SHOOT!
Blow bubbles
Coloring in books 
Eating an ice cream cone 
Playing ball
With a Pet
On a swing 
Giving hugs.

I will do the best I can.

The indication of what's to come in the world of photography

Nothing is going to take my attention away from this delicious concoction of sweetness, I don't care what everyone else is looking at.

Using the rule of space in every direction.

The look of wonder and adventure.
Makes me want to know what is that in there?

What the world needs now is love, sweet love, that's the only thing there's not plenty of.
Ed and Reah

 John Wayne potential?

I knew you would like my pink hat and cup of water.
 Jurong Birdpark.
Everyone of these shots were taken using the guidelines listed above.
This was a great learning experience for me.


  1. You have my sympathy for drawing that week to do the Spotlights, Peggy. There was a calf on the other side of that fence and Aiden was half scared, half fascinated. His feet were positioned back from the fence but he kept learning further and further forward to see. Eventually he tried to climb the fence to get in with Georgia, that's when I had to put the camera away to make sure the calf didn't knock him over.

  2. I haven't managed to vist more than a couple of this week's blogs but your selection is wonderful. Thanks.

  3. What great children. Each photograph is perfect. No words needed on those photos at all, the expressions tell each story.



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