Spotlight photos for "The work you do."

I loved this theme.
It made me feel as if I know everyone so much better.
A wonderful group of  folks out there and some different slants to our theme.

Dawn Treader's
Helping Others
Makes like worth living.

Jama's skills in the kitchen.
Yum, yum, yum
I can't visit her kitchen physically but virtually I can smell the cookies.

GingerV's love of travel and what she saw in
I won't ever get there so thanks to GingerV. I can go via her camera.

Looking at Daniellie's Simplicity,
an error with the settings is sometimes quite

I can almost feel the frustration living and surviving on a farm in Pauline's, Waters Rising.

Jarie Lyn gets around with her camera for special occasions.
I love the beauty of the couple, the angle this is shot from and the marvelous sky in the background.

An omen of blue and gray skis to come in life
faced with chin up and eyes shining.

Be ready for
Your Favorite Vacation Spots
next week



  1. Thanks Peggy for keeping us true to our traditions . Let me know if i can help with spotlight the next couple of weeks. Hugs from rio.

  2. What a wonderful surprise this morning when I came over here to visit!! Thank you so much for highlighting my post. It means a lot!!! How fun.


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