Getting High, shooting down – spotlights

Am just about ready to run out the door.  We will be in Italy the next month so I will be out of the ‘spotlight choosing’ business for a while.  This week I want to highlight Shiju's spinning merry-go-round but his page wouldn’t let me grab a copy.  So if you’ve not seen it, please take the time to follow the link above and take a look, it’s a wonderful photo. (able to load photo below)

A second note:  I chose a photo from Ranu’s post.  The city shot is really spectacular, but the photo copied over so small it wouldn’t show well here.  So please check out the photo. 

This week, like all weeks, we had some interesting stories, places we’d never seen before and really great photos.  I don’t know how Jama does it, every week, week after week, she has at least five photos that I love.  Basically I close my eyes and just point and see which one my mouse picks….. If you take exception to this method please contact Rebecca and volunteer to do the picks for a few weeks.  I know she will appreciate the help and having to choose the spotlights will give you a new perspective on our Friday Shoot Outs. 

A here are a few to recap our week:


Jama’s Boats Passing By

univercity field by Ann

University field by Ann

How did I do that by GMM

“How did I do that” by GMM

Dawn Treader

Dawn Treader’s  Pipe Organ ; I don’t know if she was up above when taking this photo but I loved it…. so I got to pick it regardless.

Post-race son dunk DS by Cheryl @ deckside thoughts

and “Post race son dunk”  by Cheryl  I love this photo Cheryl.

Next week: Show us what Home means to you.  I am SO glad that I will be traveling and not to home.  You all know how confused I am about who / what / or where home is – so no post by me….. I will stop by though and leave a comment, my week isn’t complete without saying hi to you all.

*** Shiju sent me a link for his photo.  even though late – enjoy her wonderful photo.




  1. Some great choices!
    The shot of the organ was taken from up on the balcony; but technically of course I was still looking up at the organ...

  2. Thank you for high-lighting my photo again and again,just showing off the 'concrete' jungle of my little town. What I love about FMTSO is I get to see gorgeous places thousands of miles away from my little city-island, and learning more about the culture and the people there.My most favorite photo-challenge that I look forward to participating every week.

  3. Thank you for spotlighting my crazy kid shot.


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