What does home mean to you? 

I think this is a tough topic, 
but our members are so creative 
I look forward to seeing some really good ideas! 

I'd like to see Spotlight Photos continue 
but the beginning of the week is a very busy time for me. 
If you are able to volunteer to help out please leave a comment.  
We can have people take turns 
or one person do the whole thing. 
Or even a coordinator to coordinate volunteers.
Whatever works!


  1. I suggest a roster of those willing to do it. There are a few of us already, perhaps there will be a couple more? I'd be happy to co-ordinate.

  2. Since I have taken a job I do not have time to take on this now. Love that photo.

  3. I'd love to help. I could commit to being on a roster as long as I'd know in advance when it was my week to grab the spotlight shots. I visit everyone anyway. Feel free to drop me a not dst33 @ comcast . net.

  4. Or drop me a note, whichever works best. ;-)

  5. I would be interested in being on a roster, maybe once a month if you have enough folks.

  6. I just found your blog and linky party.Very unique take on the homes and cities...love it. Thank your for hosting the party.
    laurie @ pride in photos

  7. Hi Rebecca,

    This is a great meme you have. I hope to be able to join everyone. Thank you for stopping to visit me.


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