Spotlight – My Town in Black and White

What a lucky draw for me; to get to pick the spotlight photos for a great topic.  I am using Camillo computer and it just works differently from mine.  I had a couple glitches – I wanted to put up one of Rebecca’s …   Rebecca – I tried to copy your snow covered house but your site wont allow it, so everyone make sure you go by Rebecca’s and see her Black and White photos.  I was also unable to leave a comment for Cheryl – said my browser wasn’t supported….. hum.

Most everyone had more than one photo and all were just great.  This week I thought I would let the commenters make the choices, so I not only looked at the photos but read all of the comments and made a mental note (no complicated spreadsheets like Butler may have done) of which was the viewers favorites.  Only in a couple of cases did I make the choice – when there wasn’t a clear favorite then (YEAH!) I made the selection.  Then from your favorites I chose these 5….. great post everyone. 

Heron_BnW by Dawn Treader

early morning by Cheryl

tank_steps by Pauline

Pauline’s Steps to the top


A young Face by Shiju

DSC_0370 by Kim USA

Kim’s Street Vender

sign1 Jarielyn

Neon Nights by Jarielyn

Next week Shallow depth of field

Invite a Friend to join us…..


  1. Thank you so much for your kindness & generosity of spirit.

  2. Great choices - thanks for doing this. Although I am back on line, it will be quite sometime before I am going to have the time to do the Spotlight section.

  3. Thanks for picking my photo appreciate it. ^_^

  4. The snow-covered house at Rebecca's was fantastic! My nose was getting cold just looking at it! Keep up the good work!


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