Spotlight Photos Shallow Depth of Field

Jama's Butterfly on a Flower 
Perfectly in focus against a soft background.

Mark's Bubbleman
Terrific-ly soft background. 
So what if it isn't a word! 

Cheryl's Damselfly
Wow, perfect!

Ginger's Iris
Flowers worked really well for this topic!

Kim's Flowers 
I love the orange on green too.  It really pops. 

 Shiju's Sky how only one flower is in focus. 
Again, the color combinations work really well here too.

Thanks all for participating! 
This week's theme is Weather. 


  1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. As for the rest, you picked my absolute favorites from the entire crew.

  2. great new header and that dragonfly looks like it is hugging the tip of the leaf... or maybe a paintbrush painted them together. beautiful. love the bubbles

  3. What excellent examples! Well done everyone.

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