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Once again – GREAT shoot out ladies and Gentlemen.

First just a note or two --- or three; this is the Friday shoot out but if it takes you until Monday morning to post then that is wonderful. Do not apologize for having a busy life, for being tired or even for being lazy. We all have had these feelings, and in the end we want everyone to come back week after week and we want you to enjoy taking the photos and posting. I would also like to see more new groupies; invite a friend or family member to join us. Okay, and last…. try to get by everyone’s post and make a comment. A nice comment is great but not mandatory….. “was here” would be okay. I know I have been at this a long time – but what I enjoy about it the most is hearing from everyone….. Just say’n

Okay – after looking at everyone’s contributions, enjoying them all, making comments to let you know I was by; I chose a few to highlight the topic. There were several people that gave us photos showing off their 4 seasons and more in between – this was a grand idea. Showing us how the weather in your town changes throughout the year. There are a few, myself included, that live in areas where it would be hard to depict the changes in seasons. Lucky ones are able to feel and see extreme changes. I love that. Okay here are my picks for the week.

3 minutes to Storm by Scriptor Senex

Scriptor’s, “3 minutes before the storm”

foggymorn by B&B

“Foggy Morn” By B&B

snowingsideways by QMM

“Snowing Sideways” By QMM

Spring in NZ by Ann

“Spring in NZ” by Ann

Next week - Get High : I can hear Bagman already, so let me clarify – SHOOT from up above. Baggy, I know you don’t need any encouragement but think lifeguard tower if Mark will let you have the camera. See you all next week.


  1. Oh Ginger my thoughts went to "high" as in mood. Shooting on high. B&B will see that right away. LOL

  2. Yes, of course Bagman sees this at once...and is laughing. And I hope to get something but have to add that I'm a bit challenged these days, not only with time, but with attitude -- I'm not sure what I'm drifting toward, but I seem to be drifting away from blogging and photography. Just need to see where it goes.

  3. I was away last weekend & will be gone for bits and pieces of this one too. Thanks for the nice intro to these shots.

    Gorgeous shots everyone!


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