FSO spotlight photos for Water in Motion

Spotlight photos for theme
Water in Motion.

Yes it is not an easy job to choose the spotlight photos.
However, aside from learning techniques by participating in this meme with my photos, helping to pick spotlight photos has taught me a lot also.
I have learned to look at photos in a different way.

Yes I have had blogger troubles too this week and find my brain is akin to  "water in motion" going every which way.


 Pauline's capture of the eye of the wave takes me back to my early art class days.

I like how she zeroed into the eye in this photo as opposed to a shot of the entire wave.

 This photo by Ranu  demonstrates the lesson we had a few weeks ago on spacing. Putting the subject to one side to allow the feeling of moving toward something.
So sorry my reproduction of her photo is not good, I was not allowed to use her submitted photo so had to use the thumbnail.
I will refer you to her link so you won't miss the entire shot.

In this photo Jarielyn writes how she got this dreamy eerie shot at sundown using a slow shutter speed. I bet I try this out sometime.

I am always a sucker for reflections and Jama has a great eye for a spotlight photo

 Dawn Treader's photos of the waterfall were all eye pleasing but the one of the entire length gets my vote.

Next week we will be shooting
Watch for an example from our pros.

Happy Shooting



  1. Nicely done Peggy. You chose my favorites!

  2. Thank you for choosing mine for the spotlight, Peggy.Really appreciate it.

  3. Thanks for choosing mine, too, Peggy. I have to admit I was quite pleased with that shot.


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