Spotlight Photos for Home

Home appears to have been a difficult topic to tackle 
but those who did 
approached it from some creative angles.  

Dawn Treader's Shelter from the Rain caught my eye

Barb shared Sunset from Bird of Paradise 
as she expressed thanks for calling earth her home. 

Danielle's focus was on leaving home with
They Did Not Go For Themselves

Pauline addressed commuting home 
with Traffic Jams of Sheep

In other news... 
Turnout was low this week, 
probably because the subject was a little tough.
But it is as good a time as any to 
invite another blogger or two to join our link-ups!  

We hope to compile a rotating list of volunteers to 
do the spotlight photos. 
If you can help us, 
please leave a message. 

Next topic is 
October 5: Skylines 
Do you see prairies of sky scrapers or something in between when you view your skyline.


  1. Turnout may have been low, Rebecca, but the quality was excellent. Yet again I'm away next Friday but I shall try to be back soon... Please keep up the good work.

  2. Beautiful selection of a really exceptional week of photos.

    You've got my info so I'll wait to hear what's up when things are organized.

  3. Aw...thanks for highlighting me...what a nice honor. Not sure what to do as a volunteer but just let me know.


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