Spotlight photos - Skylines

Rebecca asked the question:
Do you see prairies,  sky scrapers 
or something in between when you view your skyline?

Some of us have been taking part in My Town Shoot outs for quite some time now.  Yet, I am always impressed how you all find yet another aspect of your town each week.  I find looking at my surroundings with a topic in mind really draws my attention to something I might otherwise overlook.  

Thanks to Danielle and Cheryl who have volunteered to be Spotlighters, we are making progress on drawing up a Spotlighter Roster.   Old hands (oops, make that experienced hands) Ginger and Peggy will also be in the saddle occasionally.  That makes 5 of us, so we only need to take a turn once every 5 weeks.  If anyone else would like to step forward, please don't be shy.  I understand any reluctance because I felt it myself for a long time.  I don't know anything about the technical side of photography but know what I like.  And I think having different people choosing the Spotlight photo will add an extra dimension to them.  

Before I move on to my Spotlight photos this week, can I just say in advance that I apologise if my sense of humour ever offends any of you.  I sometime forget that we in the antipodes tend to have a 'different' humour.  Oh, and we spell some words differently, too.  

There were some really terrific skylines this week. 

Monica's wide view of her Swedish home town. 

Jama, as always, showed a number of images that caught my fancy.  In Singapore, all roads and tracks lead to high rises.  

I had a hard time choosing just one of Rebecca's light show skylines:

Barb transported us to the beauty of a desert skyline.

And, to add a continental flavour from her travels, Ginger showed us the great skyline of a palace in Turin.



  1. These were wonderful choices!!

  2. You did a great job. They are all awe inspiring. I agree with the idea that each of us offers a different perspective. That must be included in our learning of photography.

  3. Beautiful pictures, I love those beautiful colors


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