Spotlight Photos ~ Someplace Yummy

Whether it was brightly colored vegetables cooking on Peggy's son's stove,

or a display of desserts from Ann's meal at the Observatory atop the Auckland Sky Tower,

or cupcakes Pauline's little ones helped her bake, there was one common thread this week.

No matter where or what we like to eat, we enjoy it most when we share it with friends or family.

This photo of Jama enjoying a meal with friends nicely captures that feeling.

Thank you all for participating and allowing me the opportunity to learn a bit more about each of you through your photography. Ginger wasn't kidding when she said choosing the Spotlight photos isn't easy!

Please be sure to check back later this week for a preview and link to this week's theme: Steam, Smoke or Fire.

Happy shooting and be careful out there!



  1. Terrific yumminess! Kind of makes my mouth start watering.

  2. Good job Cheryl. Thanks for selecting one of mine. I like the way you narrated your choices and the theme you used.

  3. I also like the theme of family and friends eating together:)


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