FSO- Nov 23 Spotlight photos

Well I went over to Friday Shoot My Town to look at the Spotlight photos and thought.

"Who is the dummy that did not do Spotlight Photos today?"


Our participation has hit a downward spiral recently and folks are busy living their lives and dealing with their situations.
This is the greatest group in cyberspace, I think.
We will carry on and lift each other up as life happens.

Lets look at some spotlights

 Ann knows how to have fun.
I can hear the music.

 If I had a camera like that I would join Jama's group.
Not being an expert I think this is a macro shot.

 Pat is doing the Santa's workshop thing.

  So love her self-portraits.
I really feel like I know you a lot better now Pat.

 Dawn Treader's perfect symmatry.
The Dance of Love

  Dear Pauline, not much choice here.
Good luck and I love the red support.

So I am the dummy signing off for Spotlight Photos this week.

Peggy (QMM) 


  1. The holiday prep is very time consuming! Maybe everyone is either at the mall or shopping on-line!

  2. yes please keep it up, keep it going. invite new friends, spread the word that it is a great group, with a tradition of interesting comments and fantastic photos. make the topics what can be done while shopping and decorating or opening gifts .... make it easy to participate.
    our lives at christmas. (or what ever the celebration)

  3. It must be the time of year for forgetfulness, Peggy. I went to see the physio only to be told my appointment was for the next day. When I was nearly home my cell rang with a concerned call from my doctor - why had I missed my appointment? Ah well!

  4. Thanks Peggy... You are not a dummy, I am just remembering now to post this week's linky. We're just busy. And I fully intend to get back into posting once my daughter's wedding is over. I put my blog on sabbatical until then,


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