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Spotlight photos for Repetition

Once I got into the swing of it, I found this a great topic.  I guess we all find some topics to be quite difficult, depending on where we live.  If anyone found this one hard you wouldn't know it from looking at the posts.  

I decided I'd pick two repetitions in nature and two man made. 

Dawn Treader's rain drops

Cheryl's Canadian geese

Jama's underground walkway

 Barb's labryrinth

 But I have to give a special award to Kim, who, I think, was the only one of us to find a repetition in food. (Sorry if I missed anyone else who did that!)

So what's coming up this week?  Gravity at Play. 
A waterdrop or a ball rolling down the street, see where you can find gravity at play.

 Remember, "you can't blame gravity for falling in love."  Albert Einstein

Have a good week, everyone!


  1. Good choices (and I'm of course honoured that one of my photos ended up among them). I love the labyrinth, that's such a multi-dimensional representation of the theme.

  2. These are all very cool....love the asparagus with bacon....serves two purposes...great props...and yummy food!!!

  3. Great job Pauline. I missed that first photo. Must go back and check it out.

  4. Wow, these are some of our group's best photos! Nice work. Sorry if I am a little AWOL for a while. My daughter is getting married in December and things are getting a little stressful around here. I should be back in January ready to hit the ground running though! I should be able to keep the weekly link ups going, if I forget leave a comment to remind me. :)

  5. Hey I can always find repetition in food! It's called going back for more, lol.

    Great topic.

  6. Hahahaha these made me laugh I am ashamed of how my asparagus turn out to be. But I can surely attest it does taste really good hehe. ^_^ Thanks!

  7. You made great choices on the features...they were ALL just fantastic...big wow♥


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