Spotlight Photos: Gravity at Play

As much fun as it would have been to participate in this challenge, I had even more fun knowing I had the good fortune to choose the Spotlight Photos.

Your interpretations were all over the board leading to a delightful set of photos on every post. (I apologize for not leaving any comments on your posts. I'm still recovering from tendinitis so I've had to put a lid on my usual long-winded comments.)

Several of you chose to photograph people challenging gravity's force.

Pauline's juggler was even more engaging when she added "focal zoom" to her photo.

One of Barb's dare devils flying high on his skateboard.

Others chose to let gravity do what it does best.

It was hard not to feel the force of Kim's rushing river.

Shiju's photo showed the fun of going with the flow of gravity.

Jama captured both gravity's pull and our irresistible urge to defy it.

Leovi's abstract is a beautiful photo of gravity frozen in time.

Thank you all for participating this week.

I'm looking forward to seeing how each of you introduces yourself using photos for next week's prompt: Self-Portraits.

Just shoot me now. Please.


  1. Beautiful photos. I love Pauline's zoom! Very neat! Hope your tendinitis gets better Cheryl.

  2. Thanks Rebecca. Staying offline is the best medicine. ;)

  3. Oh Cheryl I empathize with your tendonitis too. You are right you must just rest it, which is hard. Great job on the pics. Glad I didn't have to have that job this week.

  4. so many wonderful examples - fantastic!

  5. Thank you for picking my photo.

    Suggestion for a theme:

    1. Show me your camera

    2. Window

    3. Door

    4. Oldest building/house/store in your town


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