Spotlight Photos: Self Portrait

One of the most difficult aspects of being a photographer is the concept of a 'self portrait'. I am more than a bit camera shy in that regards. However, it was exciting to see that all of our FMTSO participants were more than willing to move from behind the camera to introduce themselves. What wonderful compositions there were to choose from.

I love the contrasts in Jama's self-portrait between the shifting waves of the water and having her feet on solid ground. The blues and greens are perfection.

Pat, our Artful Diva, continues to mesmerize me with her creations. Pat portrays herself with a sense of confidence that makes me yearn to be like her, both as an artist and as a Diva extraordinaire.

Monica gave us an extraordinary glimpse of who she is while taking us on a tour of a local art museum. Monica far exceeds what she calls "the challenge in photography of finding new angles" in spite of her limited access to new 'subjects'. An inspiring photographer who leads by example.

Thank you everyone for participating and for sharing with us the wonderful self portraits. It is remarkable that although we come from varied and diverse places, we are fortunate to be able to join together and honor our individuality here on FMTSO.

Please be sure to check back later this week for a preview and a link to this week's theme: At Rest, At Play of Inbetween...share with us how you spend your time.

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