Shooting at Night

We have an upcoming theme on photographing our towns at night. 
I was going to write a tutorial for you...
but then I found this 7 minute video.

1. Move your settings off automatic to manual 
2. Turn off your fon camera flash
2. Choose a large aperture opening to capture more light.
(Sometimes I break this rule in order to create star bursts 
from the lights.  You need to offset this with a longer shutter speed.) 
3. Use your self timer or a cable to trigger the shutter. 
4. Steady your camera. (Tripod) 
5. Use longer exposures to allow more light in. 

Here is a link for more tips from this video.


  1. Oh this is exciting. Two weeks ago I took a night photography class down on the square with all the Christmas lights....I learned so much and captured some great is time to out there again and practice!!


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