Spotlight photos for Rain

It is very hard to pick out the spotlight photos as every one has at least one that is worthy of being in the spotlight.
For this special time of year I have selected one from each entry to spotlight.
There is much talent and a special bond any time a group of folks come together every week and it is as if we really get to know each other.
Folks come and go at different times and I have also added a photo from GingerV to bring our group closer even.


The Wild Blue Yonder

 I like this shot. It reminds me how out in the clear the smell of rain on it's way has a mystical, magical sense.


 Look Out Below

Yes B&B this counts. Any aspect of rain counts. 
This is a pretty good indication something is gonna pour down. 

Artful Diva

No Method to the Madness

I can feel the life giving properties of these rain drops.

Dawn Treader

The Tin Man is Forever Rusted at the Fishing Hole

I love this shot. Perfectly positioned as we were taught in spacing.


A Touch of Blue

I love the touch of blue in this photo adding a distraction from the gloomy scene.


 Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head

A lot of skill went into this shot. 
Perfect shape of the raindrops takes perfect timing.


Warm and Cozy in My Castle 

This photo gives me a feeling of being safe and secure watching nature do it's thing.


Coming to Life

This lovely Petunia from the spring, with the raindrops fresh on the leaves, reminds me that spring will return and the winter will leave after months of underground tending of our world.   

and last but not least


Expressions in a Puddle

Thank you Rebecca for all your work in guiding us in our photography endeavers.

I hope no one minds that I gave each photo a title.
That is what I saw and/or felt when I looked at each entry. 


One step is all it takes
one foot then the next
one foot then the next
one step is all it takes.

Our first step and our last
one foot then the next
takes us where we want to go
one step is all it takes.

One step backwards doesn't count
one step forward is what it's about
one step then the next
takes us where we want to go.

Life melted down
is about one step, then the next
taking us where we want to go
one step is all it takes.
GingerV, Nov. 10, 2012
We miss you 

Look forward to another wonderful year of
Friday Shoot My Town.



  1. Thank you Sista for including me in this Christmas Shoot-out. today in Houston - RAIN. Need to dig out my camera.... am beginning to consider it.
    hugs to all.


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