Spotlights - Faces

Looking for faces that aren't really faces! I thought that was a fun topic.   For the spotlight photos I've chosen the ones I thought must have been the hardest to spot in the first place.  It's one thing to see something when you know what you're looking for, a different matter to let the imagination see what's not really there.


I would never have seen the faces here in Jama's wooden whatevers (as Mark called them).  They fascinate me at the same time as they scare me a little.


Would I have noticed the almost goldfishey face of this flower?  Doubt it.  But Jidhu Jose did.

And Kim's so aptly titled Trick or treat - I had such a grin when I spotted this cute little pixie/elf/gremlin  face.

Mark took seeing something that's not really there to a new level - there really isn't anything there.  Great to have you and your wacky humour back, Mark.

This week?  Introduce a friend.   Have to go away and think about that one for a while.


  1. I like the face found in the tree trunk!

  2. Jama's photo give me a creep ^_^ Beautiful selection of shots. Who says we can't see faces in an unexpected things ^_^ My favorite theme ^_^


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