The last Spotlight of the Year

Another year of Friday My Town Shoot Outs has rolled around. 

 It was good to see Heather back for this post.  Hope you can join us again next year, Heather. I've always been a huge fan of your photography.  

I couldn't find a common theme for this week's Spotlight so here are my random choices.
 Heather giving thanks for an unexpected gift:

I liked Dawn Treader's reminder of how technology is changing, 
not only how we read, but also how we photograph our gifts.  

 Peggy took us for a little walk down her memory lane to a long ago gift that still amuses:

I hope you all had the sort of Christmas you love and enjoy.  Here comes 2013 - may it bring what you desire.   I look forward to the ongoing weekly challenge of FMTSO and the pleasure of belonging to a great goup of bloggers.

Happy New Year to you all!


  1. Peggy's was my favorite. It's such a classic and I also really loved Heather's.

  2. I love this one the best too! Yay Peggy


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