Money in the Spotlight

I don't think anyone's money could compare with Rebecca's shot of the colourful Swiss money.  You'd want to have that in your wallet, wouldn't you?  Silly question, even if I don't use a lot of cash in these days of cards and phone apps, I'd like to have plenty of it, don't care much what it looks like.
It seems not many of us are inspired by money, not many participants last week.  But we all love our cameras so I hope there are lots of camera introductions this week.   

In the Spotlight this is ...

Dawn Treader
For me, this is was the standout.  Love that stylised pink piggy bank and how she's used it.  Creative thinking coupled with her usual great photography!


  1. Thanks Pauline, I'm honoured. What is it they say... Creativity is born out of desperation?


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