Spotlights for Jan. 18th

Wow this bunch is getting better all the time.
I pondered this theme, rather I think, overpondered, and the entire spectrum of 'frozen in time' was exhibited in this week's entries.

Literal and symbolic, physical and spiritual.
Many smiles came out of this group.

Literally frozen

 Truly a beautiful photo.
I did not know what it was.
I thought it was painted on a ceiling in a church or chapel. 

Literally  Frozen
Love the angle of this photo by BITI
 Looking into the possibilities out there

 Iconic photo bringing back memories of b/w tv.

These old series are frozen in our memories and on celuloid or whatever.
Brought a big smile to my face.
Photo by Jarielyn 

Cultural activities going on to this day but with the magic and skill of a photographer, presented as very vintage by


Historical frozen in time.
Dawn Treader's
Castle kitchen

This post reminded me of Downton Abbey

Pauline's frozen in time spash in a land where nothing wet is ever frozen.

Loved every photo out there this week.
Took a lot of study for me.

Next week go for
 The Money.



  1. yes all my favorites. but for me the windshield wins first. handsdown.

  2. Great choices. I said if that pattern were on my windshield I would not want to scrape it off...or let it melt for that matter!

  3. It was fun to be back for Friday Shoot-outs! Thanks Peggy! Great job everybody.

  4. What a surprise and honor !

    Thank you Peggy, I am delighted :-)


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