Do you ride a bike? 
Or do you just stick to photographing them? 

Next week is FMTSOs 4th Anniversary.

Be sure to read about our history on the tab above. In next week's post share something about FMTSO. Tell us when you started linking up with us, share memories, repost your favorite theme from one of our topics, or talk about the friends you have made. If you have a chance, invite one of our former participants to come back and link up this week or just to stop by and say hi. You can find them in the older posts linkys, comments or the side bar listing which has not been updated in a while. You don't need to know them to invite them. Just introduce yourself and extend the invitation. Let's make this a special week!


  1. I'm definitely the photog not the jockey ;)

  2. Love the perspective and the quantity of bikes...

  3. I used to ride a bike but it was such a long time ago. Now my rear is to big to fit comfortably on one.

  4. Hi Rebecca, I didn't realize the theme was bikes this week or I would have linked up. No bikes shots in my latest post, sorry. I'll try to catch you next time. Love the composition and shadows in your photo! :)

  5. Oops, you can delete my weekend in Paris?:)

  6. Luckily I do both (photograph and ride them too) I did a write up on the cycles that are used in Europe.


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