FMTSO Spotlight: You & Your Camera

My first question about this theme was, "How do I photograph my camera when it's the only digital camera I have?" All of you managed to rustle up another camera to photograph your current go-to camera but it was Pauline who came up with the obvious answer ~ use a mirror.

Pauline's photograph of her camera in her hands was my favorite for its clarity and ingenuity.

The best part of reading each of your posts was your stories. Some of you have incredible recall of all of the cameras you've owned since you were quite young. What a pleasure to read about so many different makes and models of cameras, especially the film cameras that most of us used when we first started shooting.

Because I can, I'm including one photograph taken with one of your cameras. I loved Dawn Treader's photograph of her brothers and a couple of his friends taken when she was 10 using her first camera: a hand-me-down from her father who also processed their film.

Thanks so much for participating in one of the toughest photo challenges I've seen here on FMTSO. You're all such good sports to keep stretching your limits.

Next week should be a bit easier on everyone since it's an old favorite: Windows and Doors. I hope those of you living in colder climates can get out there to shoot.


Is anyone else out there confused about why we do the Spotlight before the linky closes? I don't want to shut anyone out but it seems that posting on Monday has become the norm and I don't want to disappoint those of you who've been participating so faithfully for years.

Pee Ess: No, you're not imagining things. I back-posted this so it would appear after last Friday's theme and before Rebecca's intro to this Friday's theme.