Happy Anniversary

We are celebrating our 4th year!
Our first post was Feb 27, 2009. 

In this week's post share something about FMTSO. 
Tell us when you started linking up with us, share memories, repost your favorite theme from one of our topics, or talk about the friends you have made. If you have a chance, invite one of our former participants to come back and link up this week or just to stop by and say hi. You can find them in the older posts linkys, comments or the side bar listing which has not been updated in a while. You don't need to know them to invite them. Just introduce yourself and extend the invitation.
 Let's make this a special week! 


  1. Love your cup and cupcake, Rebecca! I have very similar teacups myself but in blue... They were my grandmother's.

  2. Cannot believe it has been 4 years. Thanks for all your work.

    Hope you go for a long time to come:)

  4. Hey, happy anniversary there :-)
    Love that print on the cup.

  5. Happy 4th anniversary guys! I missed this group and I hope to join again soon. Keep up the good work guys and jeep posting amazing photos!

  6. Since I was only three weeks new to your group, I felt that I didn't have anything to write about for your anniversary but happy anniversary to you.

  7. Ruth Kelly, would love to see a post on why you joined, and the vision of the future, like what topics you would enjoy. You are our new generation, our future.

  8. I meant to be included in this, but hubs brought home the flu and now it turned into bronchitis, so I have been minimal on internet...

    I found out about the group via another blogger and joined in three and half years ago, then helped out for a while. I have met a few shooters in person and hope to join back in!

    Promise to be posting by next Friday! xoxo Chef E


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