FSO - Spotlights for Childhood pleasures

Did everyone enjoy that topic as much as I did?  Hope so. 

And now for what captured my imagination this week.   I never performed in costume as a child but I can imagine Ruth's delight in this, her childhood pleasure memory, captured on film and now shared with us.

I can remember sharing secrets with my grandmother as a child.   I would have been just like this dear child if I'd nearly told someone one of those treasured secrets.  Thanks, Kerry, that's a lovely image.

I've always been a water babe, so Jama's little boy frolicking fully clothed speaks volumes to me.  Love it!

In making my choices for the Spotlight Photos this week, I've been reminded that the choices each week are personal.  Each of us on the Spotlight team makes our choices from our own perspective.  We have different backgrounds so our choices are naturally different.  I hope you like my choices this week.


  1. Thank you Pauline! I am honored.

  2. Terrific choices. They leave a smile on my face.

  3. Great choices. I am smiling too.

  4. All good choices (I think choosing is such a difficult task) and the middle photo, of Kerry's, is a real peach.

  5. Thank you; it is one of my favorite photos of my childhood.

  6. You have been nominated for the Irish Liebster Award from http://dianstimpanalley.blogspot.com. Go to my blog to see the rules.

  7. Thank you for choosing my photo, Pauline.


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