April 26th spotlight photos

what makes my mouth water.

While I am a long way from being a really good photographer, doing the spotlight post has added to my skills at identifying good shots.
When I first began I had no knowledge of rule of thirds, bokeh etc.
I was told to pick what appealed to me.
Now I realize I am looking at photos in a different way.
Thanks to Rebecca for her patient and exemplary way of introducing new skills to us. 

This week I spotlight

Jama's  great example of
The macro of the serving of brownie makes my mouth water as it draws my attention to the ingredients of the goodie.

I am not sure what rule this indicates but the position of Kara's sweet Joey in this photo makes me want to join in his laughter while playing with someone he cares for.
Maybe even kiss his sweet cheeks, if he would let me.
Very creative Kara

This shot of Jerilyn's lemon cookies applies to the rule of thirds, I think. 
Please correct me if I am wrong someone.
It give an asymmetrical look to the photo that catches the eye.

Of course anything chocolate catches the eye but I am working with another blog on photography
and this month we are looking at 
Ruth's shot demonstrates that to me.

Dawn Trender's shot of Lindl's chocolate
again shows the ingredients of the goodie which makes one's mouth water to look at it.
The composition has color, light, shading and texture.

Please, folks do not take my word for my explanations of these photos as gospel.

It only helps me in being able to verbalize why I like a photograph.

Next week our theme is machinery and Pauline you are up for spotlighting.

Peggy (QMM) 


  1. I love all your highlight photos especially of that sweet little boy, Kara's Joey.
    The first photos is mine actually, not Pauline's. ;)

  2. I remember that photo as being yours, Jama :) Made my mouth water!

  3. So sorry Jama, someone must have corrected it for us. Sorry to say I did that post in a hurry Monday had to leave.

  4. Thanks for highlighting my pile of chocolate chips; they don't look near as inviting as the other goodies and how fun that someone put in a photo of a child.

  5. Thank you for highlighting our little Joey. He always has such a wonderful time playing with his dad and as you can see by the kisses his dad sure loves him!

  6. Hi Peggy, I am so, so late catching up on last week! Wish that cake shot had been mine, I'd be jumping over the moon!!


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