Spotlight photos for April 6th.

I don't have to tell anyone how hard it is to pick out the spotlight photos.
I was told choose what appeals to you.
So here goes.

Kara's books and cups
 Books and a cuppa go together like love and marriage.
Love the colors in the books highlighting the whiteness of the cup.
Rebeccas's white tut comes to mind here.

ChefE's little girl
ChefE's photo gives me hope for the future

Pauline's relaxing in the outdoors with a good book.

 The colors of the wrap give the feeling of warmth and comfort.
That is what we all read for.
Just read God's and Generals by Jeff Shaara.
Getting ready to order 
The Last Full Measure by
Jeff Shaara.

Happy Reading



  1. Great choices Peggy, thank you!

  2. Thanks heaps, Peggy. I'm thrilled.

  3. Thank you for featuring me! I was surprised to see photo there. I have really enjoyed the Friday shoot outs!! Keeps me motivated.

  4. Ha! Chance brought me here, love them, and my little friend is so freakin cute. Her and her sister are fashionistas!


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