Spotlight photos for the letter your town begins with

I'm glad I didn't think that was going to be easy.  I suspected that the variety of images that that topic generated might create a problem for me.

We covered a fair bit of the alphabet with the letters our towns begin with.

Just to pick a favourite from Dawn Treader 's bridges was a task in itself.  I finally decided on this image.  We don't get snow here where I live so I'm captivated by the winter wonderland.

Rebecca's imaginative use of F (or ph) for Philadelphia saved me from choosing two Ps.  I'd love to see her phriends shot.  Would it show an equally dedicated photographer getting down to get a great shot of her?

Cheryl's pelicans or her people of Pleasure Island?  I had so much trouble deciding.  As always it's a personal thing, I like shots of people when the subject is unaware.   And, as the subject looks a little elderly, the fog reminds me of the foggy state of mind that some elderly people (and also the not so elderly) sometimes find themselves.  Since Alzheimers claimed my best friend since childhood I often make connections that aren't really there.  As I said, it's a personal thing.

I had one more Spotlight photo but couldn't "lift" the image from Doreen's post, so here's the link.  If I hadn't enlarged it, I might have not paused so long at the side of Lawell's lake.  It really is worth the click:

There were some fantastic shots this week. You are an amazing group of photographers!


  1. I agree, they were the best of so many good ones.

  2. Thank you for the honor, Pauline. She was lovely to watch.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful pictures. Great choices!

  4. What super chpices and whilst I rarely pick an absolute favourite today it has to be Rebecca's imaginative phriend!

  5. Mine would have been a P as well, and I was having trouble thinking of what to do. Love what everyone did!


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