Spotlight Photos: Star Bursts

I've had more fun with this challenge than any of the others in 2013. You guys did a really fantastic job with star bursts. I'd never shot one because a billion years ago, I was taught to try to always shoot with the sun to my back. I wasn't even going to try this challenge until I started visiting your posts. I was so inspired by what you all did, I grabbed my cameras and went looking for good vantage points. My post is linked up and I'd be grateful for some help with an explanation of an odd effect in one of my shots.

Enough about me and my issues and on to your spotlight photos. I was going to choose one day and one night photo to showcase but there were just too many great shots to stick to two. My choices are based on the photo's composition as well as the quality of the star bursts.

I was enchanted by the wonder of Barb's desert photo.

I love all the colorful lights of Jama's bridge. The perspective she chose is spot on.

It was such a joy to see John aka Scriptor Senex back for the week. His night cityscape is crisp with such a wide range of light and shadow. I had to include another of his shots: delicate star bursts dancing on the hood and hood ornament of that beautiful Rolls Royce.

Thank you all for participating and working so hard on capturing those delightful stars. I'm looking forward to seeing your delicious foods from around the world next week for the Sweet Tooth challenge.

To the Spotlighters ~ here's a tip for handling photos that you aren't able to copy. You can take a screen shot of the page then crop out everything except the photo. That's how I was able to include Jama's photo this week.

Wishing you all a more peaceful time in the week ahead.


  1. Loved this theme and the submissions! Great work everyone and thanks Cheryl for the spotlights.

  2. They all are beautiful photos! I was going to enter but I just couldn't find the time:(
    Maybe next week!

  3. I skipped this week but I'm admiring the works of other participants. Great shots.

  4. I skipped this week as well, but I love all the photos of those who participated.

  5. Super cool. I just read the tutorial & learned how to do it:) Better late than never.

  6. I finally got back on the stick with my blogging this week only to find google had other plans for me ie 'eating' my blog! Thanks for sorting it out at your end.
    There were some fantastic starbursts this week - in fact, I think we are all stars just waiting to 'burst' into more creativity:)

  7. I feel really guilty, having been missing for so long to be highlighted twice! I thought there were some really lovely ones this week and it was good to meet up again.

  8. I meant to say I thought Barb's shot was truly outstanding.


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