Spotlight Photos: Through Glass

I'm not sure why I continue to stay on the roster to select the spotlight photos. Each time it's my turn in the barrel, I hem and I haw and have a number of 'Bagman and Butleresque' internal debates about what to include in the spotlight. Quite frankly, I'd like to showcase one photo from each of your posts because you all put so much care into finding and capturing images that illustrate the theme.

This week, I finally went completely off the rails. I usually strictly adhere to the theme when I make my choices. For some reason, the photos I think belong here, the ones where the frame of the glass is clearly visible and the subject beyond is strikingly clear, are not the ones I chose.

The first time through, I barely gave Jama's gorilla a glance. When I took a second look, I noticed the reflection of the woman in the lower right. The eyes of the gorilla are an incredible, clear blue while the woman's eyes are in deep shadow. Though neither is looking at the other, both of them look unspeakable sad.

From what Pauline wrote and the comments folks left, it was obvious the irony of her double-exposure was not lost on anyone. The building looks almost other-worldly when it's clearly the free-floating window that's the mystery.

As an over-thinker, I thoroughly enjoyed Ginger's trip down the rabbit hole. Everything we photograph is through glass and mirrors, upside down and backwards. I wanted to dive into this photo and spend a bit of time under that tree.

Thank you all so much for participating this week. I can't wait to see your 'Books' next week.



  1. The first two photos are extraordinary - the third just a bit of whimsy but thank you for including it. You do a great job of choosing - and the criteria is what you choose it to be - hard job well done.

  2. You just make good choices! I like the three you chose...making decisions is just hard period, no matter the task I assume :)

  3. You have a great eye for photography and what you see and feel is the reason for choosing any photo to spotlight. Just saying. These are indeed great selections.

  4. Great choices. They are all fantastic and worthy of spotlight.

  5. Thank you for highlighting my photo!

  6. I love how you put your Spotlights together, Cheryl and am thrilled that my late entry was selected as it was a pure fluke of a shot.


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