The Letter Your Town Begins With

Abandoned in Ambler
This old factory site has recently been refurbished
and is no longer abandoned.

I've done some housekeeping 
by updating out Participants' List 
which now features your blog posts. 
If you are not in the list leave a message and I 
will get you added! 


  1. Abandoned buildings make such great photos, don't you think? I'm posting this week but may be a tad late in posting.

  2. Abandoned buildings do make for fascination compositions. So many different lightings.

  3. Abandon buildings make great photo subject but not many of them here in Singapore.

  4. I am sure there are some abandoned buildings in Lehi somewhere but I'd have to go looking really hard.

  5. I could not get it together this week everyone, I was overwhelmed with homework from class and other things, I will come say hello, and see you next week...

  6. Thanks for updating the sidebar. It looks great!


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