FMTSO Spotlight: Graffiti

My guess is you're all glad this week is over. I know I am. For a seemingly innocuous theme, this proved to be a bigger challenge than most of us expected. Graffiti isn't legal anywhere and, in some countries, more stringently punished than in others. For those of us living in towns or small cities, finding any graffiti was difficult. The other challenge was finding a good angle to capture the art. Most of the building art in my little city is tough to photograph because of parked cars and other obstacles.

Most of you posted colorful artwork commissioned by building owners and by cities in different types of parks where kids of all ages gather for fun.

I chose Ann's photo because she managed to capture a shot of more traditional graffiti (commissioned) along with the artists who seem to be having a really good time.

Thank you all for participating this week.

I hope to see more of you participating next week. Five Senses sounds like a much easier theme to shoot. Let's hope it is.



  1. Great choice. The one guy seems to have sniffed a little too much paint. Believe it or not I snapped fotos of graffiti here in Rio but am having issues with the electricall outlets in this apartment finally can charge everything and download to my later today may. .... No WILL post. 5 senses..... Hearing, sight, taste, smell, and.....
    And touch. Are there more? I'd say these are not easy to convey on photos....

  2. You have Google +. When I clinked on your name where you left my comment, that's where it took me. I kept trying different tings on your blog and finally found this post that I could comment on. Thanks for visisting me.

  3. I promised -


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