As always there were some wonderful shots which makes choosing one for the spotlight hard.
But the photo and Jarielyn's narrative made the decision for me.

First, I SEE it, then I TOUCH it, then I SMELL it then I TASTE it and then everyone around me can HEAR me say Mmm Mmm good as I devour my sweet treat using all of my senses.

 Jarielyn's all in one 5 senses shot 



  1. Good choice, Peggy. I still want to know which one she chose! :)

  2. The best choose! Peggy, she nailed it.

  3. Yep, that photo did it for me too!

  4. Pauline, I chose a slice of chocolate cake that is on the other side and not in the picture. I wish I would have chosen the strawberry cake instead because the chocolate was too rich.


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