FSO Spotlight, ‘Through the Fence’

The topic this week was very enjoyable and all the posts by our little group had one or more exceptional photos.  My process has always been to read each post and to pull at least one photo from everyone into a file on my computer and then as a group look at each, looking at how the topic is approached and the quality of the photos.  For me the quality of the photo is the hardest to determine – I either like the photo or love it or it speaks to me, evoking a memory or other thoughts.  Meeting the topic head on is easier.

To find the photo that approaches the topic the best I often note which one everyone likes the most and if that one wasn’t my favorite, I go back and look again, appreciating what you all have appreciated and then choosing between my favorite and yours.  I know this isn’t very scientific but generally works for me.  The advantage of being  an admin volunteer is that you can do what pleases you and still be right.

garden plums 048 Ann on both sides of the fence.

Ann’s “look…”  I made the photo larger and still couldn’t make out what everyone was seeing inside the fence, but by the attention being given, the finger pointing, the girl leaning in, all indications that what is inside the fence is very interesting.  This was my thought provoking choice.

1-Skip Spot-001[1] Barb world lens

Barb’s ‘neighborhood watch’ through the fence is an excellent photo, and I know by her story that these stray dogs are now safe, but the photo makes me wonder if this dog doesn’t wish for a little adventure out beyond the fence.  Great Photo, thought provoking.

and last but in know way least….

Paulins through the fence

This photo was not Pauline’s best overall photo.  She had two others that I like a lot.  I almost did a Pauline only spotlight.  But this photo is the best of ‘through the fence’ topic shots; breaking through the fence looking for the best morsel of grass, now how to back out without putting a hole in his new wool jacket.

Next week:  Light and dark contrasts with Peggy on Spotlight.


  1. Good job Ginger. I like the thought that you put into your choices.

  2. Yes I like your technique also. Great choices.

  3. I like your technique, too, Ginger. Will try to analyse how I do it next time. By the way, I should have added a photo of my hands after I'd managed to free the sheep, I lost a lot of skin off my knuckles!


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