FSO spotlights for theme warmth

Rebecca your example was beautiful.

I expected a lot of fires, candles etc but was actually not surprised at the varied interpretation of this theme.
We are a great group.
Thanks to our adms and all the work they put in for us.

I tried to pick examples of each interpretation.

Jama's colorful Warmth of friendship.

In fact Pauline's warmth from a fire was the only shot of an actual fire highlighted by the moon.


 A classic warmth of a gramma and a gran by Ruth

Barbs warmth of a kiss between friends.

Warmth from the beach shared with a loved one by
Dawn Treader.

Til next time
Happy shooting with ODDS.

Dear folks please forgive me if I have attributed you with the wrong photo.
I make a list but sometimes put the wrong name with the wrong photo.
If so my bad and set me straight.



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